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With 30+ Year of experience let us build your dream house for an affordable price.

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    Want to Spruce Up Your Kitchen or Bath?

    With 30+ Year of experience let us build your dream house for an affordable price.

    Upto 40% Off

    Elegant J&K Cabinetry

    J&K Cabinets offer distinctive and stylish cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms that are uniquely designed for homeowners who dream of high quality & elegant cabinetry. Find the best deals on J&K Cabinets, online & on-site, here at Artline Kitchen and Bath.

    J&K kitchen cabinets

    Unique J&K Cabinet Doors

    Take a look at the amazing & remarkable door styles by J&K Cabinets. The J&K collection we feature comes in unique styles and awe-inspiring designs. Explore more down here!

    J&K Cabinet Ideas

    We present our inspiration gallery offering a glimpse of our past projects. One of these amazing kitchens can be yours – all you need is to visit our cabinets store near Buffalo Grove and explore our collection of J&K Cabinets.

    J&K Cabinetry Features

    Cabinetry features

    Premium Quality at the Ideal Prices: J&K Cabinets is known for providing unique cabinetry lines for homeowners all around the US. We offer J&K Cabinets in Buffalo Grove at the best prices with durability and sturdiness guaranteed.

    Unique Designs & Door Styles: J&K Cabinets come in distinctive designs and remarkable door styles to offer a scintillating appearance for your kitchen space – from simple yet graceful Shaker style cabinets to the intricate traditional style cabinets, it’s all featured here at Artline Kitchen & Bath.
    Free Design Consultation: Aside from our J&K Cabinets collection, we at Artline Kitchen & Bath offer free design consultation prior to undertaking the complete kitchen remodeling project. Book an appointment today and our expert team will visit your home to collaborate with you for your dream kitchen.

    Why Choose J&K?

    J&K provides premium quality kitchen cabinetry at an affordable price, offer all solid wood constructions with the greatest features, and continues to grow today as a unique cabinet brand in Buffalo Grove.

    • The contemporary J&K Cabinets create their own distinctive impression. The clean, sleek look of J&K Kitchen & Bath cabinets will add a modern feel to your home decor. The smooth and streamlined ornamentation is minimal, geometric, and well-defined.
    • Our transitional cabinetry blends the best of warm and cozy traditional design elements and the clean, simple lines of contemporary style.
    • Create an elegant kitchen and bath for your home, with the traditional J&K Cabinets doors. This cabinetry is defined by its details, featuring a formal look with clean lines and delicate curves.

    Kitchen Cabinets Brands

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      All J&K Cabinets are assembled at their headquarters in the United States. All our assortment is based on locally assembled, authentic J&K Kitchen and Bath Cabinets, so make the most of them today.

      J&K Cabinets are indeed high quality, thanks to the meticulous crafting, precise manufacturing, and top-quality assembling by expert craftsmen at J&K. Read from J&K Cabinetry reviews to stamp your perception of the brand’s quality.

      J&K Cabinets are manufactured and assembled at the brand’s headquarters in the United States. Here at Artline Kitchen & Bath, we offer several styles, designs, and colors for these authentic cabinets in Buffalo Grove, Chicago, IL.

      Our Reviews

      See what our esteemed customers have to say about Artline’s Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling projects.

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      Top Quality

      I bought this cabinet for my kitchen. It looks beautiful. I love the colors as well. Made beautifully. Would recommend

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      Lindsay Gilbreath

      Amazing Job

      I am very pleased with our finished product. It is high quality and professionally done.

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      Karen Miller


      As a contractor I know how hard it is to manage a complex job and they did it flawlessly.

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      Cathy Pollack


      Highly recommend to anyone looking for someone to guide them through a large project.

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