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The beautiful village of Vernon Hills is a suburb of Chicago and is one of the best places to live in Illinois. The area is well-known for its hundreds of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Furthermore, Hawthorn Mall has more than 120 specialty stores to fulfill your shopping needs. But where do you go for kitchen cabinets?

This is where Artline Kitchen And Bath is a well-known home improvement contractor in the Chicago area. We offer bathroom and bathroom remodeling services. Whether it is affordable kitchen cabinets you are looking for or bathroom remodeling near Vernon Hills IL, we are the people to call!  Read on further to know all about our services and the brands we work with:

Choose Us For Modern Remodeling Services

  • Kitchen Remodeling In Vernon IL

Modern kitchen cabinets and countertops are something everyone wants to make their home more beautiful. We offer customers Forevermark kitchen cabinets, Shaker cabinets, and Fabuwood kitchen cabinets Vernon Hills IL. While in countertops, we have quartz kitchen countertops, granite kitchen countertops, porcelain countertops as well as marble. Let your inner designer out by going for our kitchen remodeling services in Vernon Hills

  • Bathroom Remodeling In Vernon IL

Artline Kitchen and Bath Vernon Hills IL offer its customers complete bathroom renovations coupled with the best quality vanity tops and vanity cabinets installed. Whether you want to renovate your old space or design a new bathroom from scratch, we do it all! So if you are wondering where you will find the “best bathroom remodeling near Vernon”, our shop is the answer. Let’s take a look at the brands we offer:

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Assistance for kitchen and bathroom remodel project

We have you covered when it comes to redesigning your kitchen or bathroom. We provide a number of services that will aid in the success of your project. We will handle everything for you, from design discussions to professional installation. We understand that the process of upgrading a kitchen or bathroom is difficult for everyone. That is why we provide experienced and courteous employees who can walk you through the entire procedure. Our Kitchen Remodelers are committed to delivering high-quality results, and client happiness is our first priority.

Where Do We Serve

Artline Kitchen And Bath serve in the Vernon Hills IL area as well as Lake Forest IL, Wheeling, Des Plains, Barrington, and Palatine areas. All you have to do to reach us is give us a call on our number and our team of experts will guide you on our affordable prices and quality services!

  • Arlington Heights,IL
  • Highland park,IL
  • Buffalo Grove,IL
  • Lake Zurich,IL
  • Vernon Hills,IL
  • Lake Forest,IL
  • Wheeling,IL
  • Des plains,IL
  • Barrington,IL
  • Palatine,IL

Artline Kitchen and Bath Reviews

See what our esteemed customers have to say about Artline’s Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling projects.

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Top Quality

I bought this rug for my kitchen.
It looks beautiful. I love the
colors as well. Made beautifully.
Would recommend

Mask group (14)

Lindsay Gilbreath

Amazing Job

I am very pleased with our finished product. It is high quality and professionally done.

Mask group (16)

Karen Miller


As a contractor I know how hard it is to manage a complex job and they did it flawlessly.

Mask group (17)

Cathy Pollack


Highly recommend to anyone looking for someone to guide them through a large project.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design in remodel project

Kitchen remodeling is a popular way to freshen and enhance your home. One method is to use modern kitchen cabinet design. This cabinet style is sleek, modern, and simple to clean. It can also be tailored to your exact requirements. You can choose modern kitchen cabinet designs in Des Plaines based on the layout or theme of your kitchen.

Employ Our Premium Services of Kitchen Remodeling

Are you aiming to enhance the looks of your interior? Or maybe the increased functionality of the kitchen space is your requirement. Well, whatever good is you’re aiming to imply in your kitchen, we’re here to help you with it. Artline kitchen and Bath offers full kitchen remodeling, assembling, and installation services, in addition to our extensive lines of branded cabinetry.

Kitchen Countertops In Lake Forest IL

Are you renovating your kitchen and looking for kitchen remodelers? Artline Kitchen And Bath Vernon Hills IL is the answer. We offer countertops in Quartz, Granite, Marble, and Porcelain. Each material has its unique qualities and benefits. Give us a call to find out more!

Style your Kitchen with Cabinets Brands

Forevermark Cabinetry Vernon IL is well-known for its quality wood cabinets. Forevermark offers durability, functionality, and quality with stylish designs. And if you want to be eco-friendly while wanting modern kitchen cabinets, Forevermark is the way to go. You can browse through its various collections like Shaker style, K-series, Midtown grey, Uptown white, Cinnamon Glaze, and a lot more to see the one that suits your kitchen the best.

CCC Cabinets Vernon Hills IL completes your vision of your dream kitchen with its endless hues and colors giving you a space that is functional while also being stylish. CCC offers affordable kitchen cabinets with sustainability and durability. Its styles include Shaker style to classic design, espresso to millennium white cabinets, all at the best prices in Vernon Hills IL.

Fabuwood cabinets Vernon Hills IL is all about elegance paired with quality and durability. If you want a kitchen of a lifetime, Fabuwood is the way to go. Each part of the Fabuwood range is crafted from strong materials to last generations. Furthermore, you have a wide range of colors and designs to choose from to fulfill your modern kitchen cabinet needs.

J&K Cabinets Vernon Hills IL is a huge name among kitchen cabinets retailers. For homeowners that dream of high quality while being elegant, J&K Cabinets are for you! The brand offers unique designs and beautiful door styles to give your kitchen a modern appearance.

Marfa Cabinets Vernon Hills IL combines modern designs with a touch of classics resulting in kitchen cabinets that have elegant designs and wide storage. It never comprises its stamp of quality which is why it imports its panels from Europe.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Vernon Hills IL is known for its affordable quality wood cabinets. Its endless color options will make you fall in love with your kitchen! Other than the Shaker Cabinets having seamless minimal designs, it offers longevity and durability that will last you forever.

There are many styles on the internet you can use for your remodeling. Whether it is a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or home addition renovations in Vernon Hills, we will provide you with some basic style guides you can adapt for your remodeling.

Adding White Cabinets With Black Countertops

White and black have always been a classic combination. You can choose from our wide range of quartz, marble, granite, and porcelain countertops and pair them with our Forevermark, J&K, Shaker, and more kitchen cabinets in Vernon Hills, IL. It will perfectly balance moody and bright and give your kitchen a nice contrast. You can also add a pop of color with a rug in red, blue, green, or another bold color. 

Using Two Tone Cabinets

A great thing about kitchen renovations in Vernon is that you can pick a style according to your aesthetic. For example, using cabinets in two colors is the perfect way to add uniqueness to your kitchen. Green and white are both popular cabinet colors. You can combine them to bring a sense of calmness to your work area. Our wide range of cabinets from various brands will have styles you can pick.

Blue Countertops With Brown Cabinets

Bathrooms are the rooms we use first in the morning. It’s important that they look their best and ensure your day gets a good start. So when you start on your bath remodeling in Vernon Hills, IL, choose a bright and airy style. For example, you can combine blue quartz countertops with light brown cabinets for a bright, airy, forest vibe that will energize you. The blue countertop will add a touch of the ocean to your bathroom. 

Adding Opening Shelving To Your Lounge

Cabinets are not just for your kitchen and bathroom. You can add open shelving to your lounge in your home improvement in Vernon Hills, IL. You can display plants, plates, books, and more in your cabinets. Since they are trending, they are the perfect addition to your home. 

Popular Colors For Countertops And Cabinets

When you go for kitchen or bathroom remodeling in  Vernon Hills, there are some colors you need to keep in mind if you want to stay trendy. Below are some popular colors for countertops:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Grey

Some popular cabinet colors are:

  • Green
  • White
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Red
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